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About WYNNsky

Our Story

WYNNSKY was established specifically to develop e‐commerce business. Its parent company already had 12 years of experience providing air accessory products for major retail chains and the US industrial market. Soon after startup, by utilizing marketing strategy and a joint advertising venture, we quickly experienced growth  in e‐commerce.

First of all, to be leading in business with mechanical products, there are standards to be met and exceeded. Consistent quality requires manufacturing process control and frequent performance testing. Our testing lab features state‐of‐the‐art accessory testing equipment, including flow rate meter, torsion test machine, optical comparator, hardness tester, high precision pressure gauge, etc. Some equipment is imported from the US to allow for maximum accuracy. Also, we use a high/low temperature chamber, linear speed tester and high pressure burst chamber to ensure our products are safe for use in working environments and under harsh conditions. We not only test for functionality and safety, but also for longevity of our products. That’s why we’ve developed automatic life‐cycle testing equipment to ensure our products will last.

With functional, long‐lasting and safe merchandise, we also recognized the importance of a distribution path. In order to shorten delivery lead time, we have set up a warehouse in California, run by our American logistic team. This will shorten the shipping lead time and provide the flexibility for shipping a range of quantities. Plus, all of the service and warranty inquiries will be offered timely.

To complement our high quality products, our R & D department can provide innovative ideas for product refinement, packaging and more. Plus, we strive to provide a user‐friendly way of storing the products we supply. That’s why all of our products come with reusable and stackable casing. At LinQingXuan, everything we do is aimed at providing the best products and best service to each of our customer.

Our Product Range

WYNNsky provides our consumers with plenty of choices from air compressor accessory kits  and tire repair tools to sport , from vehicle and DIY projects to business and industry products. Find whatever you need for your daily life and activities from our online shop with impossible low price and highly expectation!